Establishing Research and Education Capacity for Mobile Cloud Computing

  • Huang, Dijiang (PI)

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Establishing Research and Education Capacity for Mobile Cloud Computing Establishing Research and Education Capacity for Mobile Cloud Computing This project aims to improve the research and education capacity of PIs ONR YIP project MobiCloud: A Secure Mobile Cloud Framework for Mobile Computing And Communication, which has been funded since May 2010. A pilot mobile cloud system has been successfully established at ASU to provide storage, computing, and communication support for mobile devices. Existing MobiCloud is a small-scale proof-of-concept system to demonstrate the YIP project research out- comes. Its hardware capacity incurs the following restrictions. First, the limited computing, storage and net- working capability cannot support research in a multi-domain mobile cloud system. Second, various sensors, RFID tags, mobile devices are required to investigate into research issues on how to establish an efficient cloud sensing service model. Third, hardware and software co-design capability is needed to establish a cloud-device dual-trust root model to enhance mobile device security. Fourth, Software Defined Networking (SDN) platform needs to be deployed in MobiCloud to investigate in dynamic and adaptive MobiCloud defensive mechanisms. Finally, more computing and storage capacity is required for MobiCloud to serve as a secure education and training platform. To address the presented deficiencies, the following equipment are proposed to enhance our current Mobi- Cloud system: (a) a set of computing servers and high-speed programmable switches are requested to support more mobile users (more than 1000 mobile devices) in a distributed environment. (b) A cloud object-based storage solution based on OpenStack and Storage Area Networks (SANs) will be established to support Mo- biCloud components (e.g., data, VMs, services, etc.) backup, restore, and migration, and provide security protection for users critical data. (c) Cloud and mobile security research will be enabled through a systematic approach involving programmable OpenFlow switch and smart card development modules. (d) The wireless sensing and communication research capacity issues will be addressed by using an off-the-shelf development kits solution. To incorporate the education component, MobiCloud will integrate a virtual lab solution based on PIs NSF virtual and remote education project. Finally, server room facilities be budgeted as one integral part of this project. The total project budget is $322,681.70.
Effective start/end date6/6/136/5/14


  • DOD-NAVY: Office of Naval Research (ONR): $322,682.00


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