Effect of TA65 on telomerase processivity

  • Li, Yang (PI)

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Effect of TA65 on telomerase processivity Effect of TA65 on telomerase processivity The active ingredient of TA-65 was discovered in an empirical cell-based telomerase activation screen of crude extracts and semi-purified fractions of the Astragalus roots. TA-65 was identified as the single entity in the extract with the most robust telomerase activation properties. Since its discovery as a telomerase activator, numerous studies conducted at TA Sciences and elsewhere have demonstrated positive effects of TA-65 at molecular and cellular levels in animal studies and in human clinical trials. TA-65 has been shown to increase telomerase enzyme levels in vitro in several cell types, such as human lymphocytes, human epithelial cells, human stem cells, mouse embryonic fibroblasts, and lengthens telomeres. We will test the effects of TA-65 and related compounds on telomerase repeat addition activity and precessivity as well as telomere length regulation.
Effective start/end date10/1/1911/30/20


  • INDUSTRY: Domestic Company: $99,788.00


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