Development of a Prototype Modular Imaging Cell (MIC)

  • Scowen, Paul (PI)

Project: Research project

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We will develop a prototype modular imaging cell (MIC) that will house both a blue/UV optimized imaging detector and the associated readout electronics to constitute a building block that is necessary for the construction of large focal plane arrays for both ground- and space-based projects developed under partnership with JPL. Over the past 2-3 years the ASU co-I has developed, with JPL, mission concept studies at the Explorer, Hubble and 4m-class levels for NASA that possess the same fundamental design feature: a physically large NUV/optical imaging focal plane. As part of this work the Modular Imaging Cell was designed to facilitate straightforward construction and maintenance of such large arrays with little to no impact on neighboring devices in the array. We expect an Explorer opportunity to be rolled out by NASA within the next 12 months and have arranged for a suborbital rocket flight for the device, if it is completed and available by the end of calendar 2010. The development of this component is therefore of vital strategic importance to these ongoing efforts and we are uniquely placed in the development timeline to bring this work to fruition within the next year. It fulfills the Strategic nature of the SURP opportunity.
Effective start/end date3/22/102/27/11


  • National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA): $89,148.00


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