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  • Petuskey, William (PI)

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CEMAT Consortium Manager Account CEMAT: An Exploratory Study on Water and Ion Permeation in Liquid Crystal Polymer Film Encapsulant Materials The experimental plan can be broadly distinguished between bulk characterization that measures transport across the full thickness of the LCP sheet and thin filmfshallow profile characterization techniques that either measures concentration profiles of the penetrant, or measures rate changes in a property sensitive to the ion and water impregnated films. Additional characterization will be conducted that relate to structore and chemistry of the LCP fihns so as to provide a framework for developing mechanistic models of the films. Modeling will begin with developing phenomenological descriptions of diffusion and permeation kinetics, and setting up general mathematical descriptions that will provide the framework for later studies that will introduce aspects of structure and chemistry into more refined models. It is at this stage that we anticipate to propose more directed methodologies for accelerated evaluations.
Effective start/end date7/1/086/30/14


  • INDUSTRY: Various Consortium Members: $294,207.00


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