Bridge Rail Safety Analysis

  • Lou, Yingyan (PI)

Project: Research project

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Bridge Rail Safety Analysis Bridge Rail Safety Analysis SOW: The main objective of this project is to conduct a bridge rail safety analysis for bridges in Alabama. Specifically the project will have the following objectives: 1) Identify whether non-conforming rails are over-represented with regard to numbers and severity of crashes as compared to conforming rails; 2) Develop crash modification factors for retrofitted rails; 3) Identify the best crash prediction method for applicable bridge rail sites; and 4) Investigate the effects of various countermeasures such as markings, narrow bridge signs, object markers, etc., on safety. While at the University of Alabama (UA), Dr. Lou has led the efforts of data collection and preliminary analysis of this project. This subcontract will allow Dr. Lou to continue working with the research team at UA to investigate crash prediction methods and develop crash modification factors for bridge rail retrofits.
Effective start/end date8/15/138/14/14


  • Alabama Department of Transportation: $12,444.00


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