Aviation Online: Advancing Collegiate Aviation Opportunities

  • Niemczyk, Mary (PI)

    Project: Research project

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    Aviation Online: Advancing Collegiate Aviation Opportunities Aviation Online: Advancing Collegiate Aviation Opportunities The Aeronautical Management Technology (AMT) department on the ASU Polytechnic campus offers three aviation degrees and is the only aviation program in the Arizona state university system. Student enrollment continues to increase, overstretching facilities, and faculty; causing faculty to teach loads up to 20 credit hours per semester. It is imperative that the AMT department provides individuals with greater access to an aviation education through online opportunities, to retain students in the degree programs, better utilize ASU resources, and fulfill the tremendous demand for highly trained aviation professionals. Project development will follow the five stages of the ADDIE Model, which includes formative evaluation at every stage. Criterion-referenced assessments and instructor/student surveys will be administered. Strict adherence to the project timeline will be followed, with courses available Fall 2009. Five AMT faculty members will serve as SME, and a Polytechnic Distance Education specialist will develop the technical aspects of the courses. Dissemination and sustainability will be accomplished by utilizing iTunes U, through outreach efforts with the Center for the Future of Arizona, and conference presentations.
    Effective start/end date1/5/096/30/10


    • Arizona Board of Regents: $49,928.00


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