Aircraft Survey at Deer Valley

  • Niemczyk, Mary (PI)

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    Aircraft Survey at Deer Valley Aircraft Survey at Deer Valley Scope of Work Aircraft Survey at Deer Valley PI: Mary Niemczyk This work is funded by EPA's Office of Transportation and Air Quality in Ann Arbor, MI through a contract and EPA work assignment with . In general the study is concerned about lead emission from piston engine aircraft. Ambient air lead monitoring is being conducted at a number of general aviation airports across the US and in the Phoenix Metro area EPA's particularly interested in Deer Valley airport. EPA has asked that the survey data be collected for a total of 5 days at Deer Valley with the primary emphasis to count the number of aircraft landing and taking off at locations near the ambient lead air quality monitor. EPA wants recorded the aircraft tail number, an observation of the aircraft type (e.g., jet, turboprop, fixed wing piston aircraft or a helicopter and whether the helicopter was powered by jet engines or piston engines) and any observations that might help EPA to understand the activity of aircraft at each airport as well as any unusual events during the days observed (e.g., several airplanes lined up waiting for take-off, take-off by an unusually large piston aircraft such as a"warbird," or an event at the airport such as an air show that would increase the number of operations above normal). Additionally, when aircraft are not located near the Deer Valley ambient air quality monitor survey data will still be recorded along with the location of activity. Observations would be recorded chronologically for an entire day. ICF will provide a sample data collection aircraft survey form. The 5 days of data collection should occur during other work that ICF is performing at Deer Valley (additional air quality monitoring) which is tentatively scheduled for the 4th through the 17th of September 2012. Ideally, data collection would include two days when the routine ambient air monitor at Deer Valley operates (Sept 9th and 15th). This effort would need to be completed by 30 September. The data collection period each day should cover the hours when most general aviation activity occurs at the airport which is nominally 16 hours per day from 0700 to 2300 hours. The aircraft survey will be reviewed for quality control and transmitted to ICF as an Excel spreadsheet as an electronic deliverable.
    Effective start/end date9/4/129/30/12


    • US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): $6,758.00


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