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    The Glassblowing Facility at ASU provides highly specialized support for teaching and research operations. Highly trained professionals design, construct and maintain sophisticated glass apparatus and glass high vacuum systems for use by university research personnel. The skilled craftsmen are particularly adept at developing prototype glass apparatus using state of the art materials and techniques. The glass working machinery and equipment available in the facility allows seals of up to 150 mm diameter in borosilicate glass and up to 100 mm diameter quartz glass seals. Upgraded glass annealing capabilities allow annealing glassware up to 2.2 meter lengths.

    Teaching and training is a vital aspect of operations. A credit course (CHM 593/Applied Project - Glassblowing) is offered each spring semester to train graduate students in basic glassblowing operations. Frequent seminars and workshops are conducted for graduate students to help improve their skills in glassblowing and vacuum techniques. The Glassblowing Facility maintains the only active Scientific Glassblower Apprentice Training Program in the United States. Two apprentices have been successfully trained here at ASU in the last 15 years. The facility personnel actively participate in community outreach programs initiated by the university.

    Our facility office hours are from
    10am-11am and 2pm-3pm
    Monday - Friday

    Contact: Christine Roeger


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