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A powerful suite of services and bioinformatics tools are available, serving both the activities of the Center for Personalized Diagnostics and the broader scientific community. Center researchers have been fortunate to work with many bioinformaticists and programmers, combining their varied talents in order to write programs and design databases that track all of the samples in the lab (FLEXGene), automatically analyze sequencing results (ACE), store data and track our plasmid samples (DNASU and the Storage Tracking Systems), track and help design NAPPA experiments (NAPPA Tracking Database), automatically annotate shRNAs (Annotation and Curation), and do comprehensive literature searches and analysis (MedGene and BioGene). Additionally, our leading edge facility provides sequencing for purified DNA and glycerol stocks.

DNA Sequencing-High Throughput
The DNA sequencing services at Center for Personalized Diagnostics (CPD) provides investigators access to automated DNA sequencing on a chargeback basis. Sequencing is available for purified DNA and glycerol stocks. The facility specializes in large (more than 48 samples) projects. Turn-around-time for sequencing reactions less than 48 samples will be dependent on sample queue. We will make every effort to turn these around as quickly as possible. Sequence data is posted on our secure website for users to download and analyze. The facility uses Big Dye V3.1 chemistry with samples processed using an Applied Biosystems 3730XL Sequence Analysis Instrument.

DNASU Plasmid Repository
A collection of 191,000 plasmids with genes from more than 300 organisms that includes clones created in Dr. LaBaer's laboratory, human and mouse genes from the ORFeome collaboration, plasmids created by researchers in the NIGMS-funded Protein Structure Initiative (PSI) after we became the PSI Material Repository (PSI-MR; in 2006, and various plasmids from outside researchers. We distribute special collections of clones such as sets of human kinases, breast cancer-related genes, and transcription factors as well as whole genome collections for a variety of organisms. Distribution of these plasmids to researchers at ASU and around the world is through

NAPPA Protein Array Core
The NAPPA Protein Array Core uses a novel protein microarray technology, called Nucleic Acid-Programmable Protein Array (NAPPA), which replaces the complex process of spotting purified proteins with the simple process of spotting plasmid DNA. Our facility will offer high throughput DNA preparation, pre-set and custom protein array production, and array screening services.

Next-Generation Sequencing
The DNASU Sequencing facility offers Next Generation DNA Sequencing using the Illumina HiSeq 2000 platforms. This supports experimental applications such as high throughput DNA sequencing, genome wide association studies (GWAS), gene regulation analysis, SNP discovery and functional variation analysis, cytogenetic analysis, DNA-protein interaction analysis (ChIP-Seq), and sequencing-based methylation analysis.

Contact: Jason Steel or Kristina Woodbury


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