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    Several of the center's Biacore protein interaction and analysis systems are available to ASU researchers.

    Bioacore T100
    Biacore T100 is a system for comprehensive protein interaction analysis from early research to drug discovery and development and on to QC. The system is supported by state-of-the-art software for assay development, analysis, data evaluation and interpretation. Software wizards ensure ease of use. Alternatively, methods may be developed or customized as required. In addition to providing detailed information on kinetics and affinity, software support allows interactions to be thermodynamically characterized. This system can be used to elucidate disease mechanisms by characterizing native or recombinant protein interactions.

    Proteomelab PA 801
    Resolves and quantifies proteins by their isoelectric point and molecular weight, generates high-resolution peptide maps and carbohydrate profiles and provides front-end separation to mass spectrometry.

    Contact: Karen Kibler


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