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These data represent the fifth in a series of data collection efforts begun in 1972 to gather information on the careers and political perspectives of the delegates to the Democratic and Republican National Conventions. Respondents were asked questions regarding their political participation and preferences, life histories, political goals and expectations, and affiliations with various groups in society. The dataset also documents their attitudes toward political actors such as Jerry Brown, Pat Buchanan, George Bush, Bill Clinton, Robert Dole, Jesse Jackson, Jack Kemp, Ross Perot, Dan Quayle, Pat Robertson, and Paul Tsongas, among many others. Attitudes toward health care, sexual harassment, the role of women in society, term limitations, urban unrest, school prayer, abortion, defense, and minorities are among the issues investigated. Attempts were made to match some items with those employed in the 1992 American National Election Studies. Some items about the Perot candidacy are also included.
Date made available1995
PublisherICPSR - Interuniversity Consortium for Political and Social Research
Geographical coverageUnited States

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