The charge form factor of the neutron from the reaction H-2(pol.)(e(pol.),e' n)p.

  • I. Passchier (Creator)
  • Ricardo Alarcon (Creator)
  • Th S. Bauer (Creator)
  • D. Boersma (Creator)
  • J. F J Van den Brand (Creator)
  • L. D. Van Buuren (Creator)
  • H. J. Bulten (Creator)
  • M. Ferro-Luzzi (Contributor)
  • P. Heimberg (Creator)
  • D. W. Higinbotham (Creator)
  • C. W. De Jager (Creator)
  • S. Klous (Creator)
  • H. Kolster (Creator)
  • J. Lang (Creator)
  • B. Militsyn (Creator)
  • D. M. Nikolenko (Creator)
  • G. J. Nooren (Creator)
  • B. E. Norum (Creator)
  • H. R. Poolman (Creator)
  • I. Rachek (Creator)
  • M. C. Simani (Creator)
  • E. Six (Creator)
  • D. Szczerba (Creator)
  • H. De Vries (Creator)
  • K. Wang (Creator)
  • Z. Zhou (Creator)
  • D. J. Boersma (Creator)
  • J. F J Van den Brand (Creator)
  • C. W. De Jager (Creator)
  • D. Nikolenko (Creator)



MEA-LINAC at NIKHEF. Determination of the neutron electric form factor at Q2 = 0.21 GeV**2 through the measurement of spin-correlation parameters in quasifree scattering of polarized electrons from vector-polarized deuterium.
Date made available2004
  • The charge form factor of the neutron from the reaction \pol(2h)(\pol(e), e’n)p

    Passchier, I., Alarcon, R., Bauer, T. S., Boersma, D., Van Den Brand, J. F. J., Van Buuren, L. D., Bulten, H. J., Ferro-Luzzi, M., Heimberg, P., Higinbotham, D. W., De Jager, C. W., Klous, S., Kolster, H., Lang, J., Militsyn, B. L., Nikolenko, D., Nooren, G. J. L., Norum, B. E., Poolman, H. R., Rachek, I., & 6 othersSimani, M. C., Six, E., Szczerba, D., De Vries, H., Wang, K. & Zhou, Z. L., 1999, In: Physical Review Letters. 82, 25, p. 4988-4991 4 p.

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