Structured Point Cloud Data Analysis Via Regularized Tensor Regression for Process Modeling and Optimization

  • Hao Yan (Contributor)
  • Massimo Pacella (Contributor)
  • Kamran Paynabar (Contributor)



Advanced 3D metrology technologies such as coordinate measuring machine and laser 3D scanners have facilitated the collection of massive point cloud data, beneficial for process monitoring, control and optimization. However, due to their high dimensionality and structure complexity, modeling and analysis of point clouds are still a challenge. In this article, we use multilinear algebra techniques and propose a set of tensor regression approaches to model the variational patterns of point clouds and to link them to process variables. The performance of the proposed methods is evaluated through simulations and a real case study of turning process optimization.
Date made availableJul 3 2019
Publisherfigshare Academic Research System

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