Sox11 loss-of-function mutant cortex at E17.5

  • Lu Lin (Contributor)
  • Helen Lai (Contributor)
  • Yong Wang (Contributor)
  • Lei Lei (Contributor)



Expression profiling of cortex from embryonic day (E) 17.5 telencephalon of Sox11(+/+) and Sox11(-/-) mouse embryos. Sox11 is implicated in regulating proliferation, neuronal migration and differentiation. We used microarray to identify genes that were differentially expressed in the cortex in the wild type and Sox11 knockout embryos at E17.5. To uncover the molecular mechanisms undelying the function of Sox11 in cortical development, we conducted microarray analysis of E17.5 cortices from wild type and Sox11(-/-) mice. Total RNA was isolated from the cortex of one wild type embryo and one Sox11(-/-) littermate at E17.5. cRNA probe synthesis, hybridization, scanning, and data collection were performed following the manufacturer's instruction.
Date made availableJul 11 2013

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