Plant diverity and richness metrics across inter-annual precipitation variability treatments at a grassland site in the Jordada Basin, 2009-2014

  • Laureano A. Gherardi (Contributor)



This ongoing dataset contains metrics of plant diversity, evenness,
and richness from a study at the Jornada Experimental Range (JER) in
southern New Mexico. The study was designed to assess the effect of
interannual variability in precipitation on average aboveground net
primary productivity (ANPP) in Chihuahuan Desert grasslands. The study
began in 2009, has five precipitation treatments (see Methods) and
contains 50 plots (10 per treatment). This data package contains
6-year (2009 to 2014) means of metrics per plot. Annual and more
recent data are available and will be released pending an upcoming
Date made availableJan 1 2019
PublisherEnvironmental Data Initiative

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