Murine E9.5 embryo PSM and newly formed somites: Paraxis-/- vs WT

  • Megan J. Rowton (Contributor)
  • Pilar Ramos (Contributor)
  • Alan Rawls (Contributor)



Transcriptional profiling of E9.5 mouse embryo tissue from the presomitic mesoderm (PSM) and somites I-IV. Tissue from embryos lacking a functional Paraxis gene (Paraxis-/-) was compared to identical tissue from E9.5 Wild Type embryos. The goal was to identify genes that had become deregulated in the absence of the transcription factor, Paraxis. Two-condition experiment: WT vs Paraxis-/- tissue. Biological replicates: 3 pools of 5 WT samples, 3 pools of 5 Paraxis-/- samples. Technical replicates: 3 dye swaps.
Date made available2013

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