Multiwavelength obs. of gamma-ray NOVA Sco 2012

  • Thomas Finzell (Creator)
  • Laura Chomiuk (Creator)
  • B. D. Metzger (Creator)
  • Frederick M. Walter (Creator)
  • Justin D. Linford (Creator)
  • K. Mukai (Creator)
  • Thomas Nelson (Creator)
  • Jennifer H.S. Weston (Contributor)
  • Yong Zheng (Creator)
  • Jennifer L. Sokoloski (Creator)
  • Amy Mioduszewski (Creator)
  • Michael P. Rupen (Creator)
  • Subo Dong (Creator)
  • Sumner Starrfield (Creator)
  • C. C. Cheung (Creator)
  • C. E. Woodward (Creator)
  • Gregory B. Taylor (Creator)
  • Terry Bohlsen (Creator)
  • C. Buil (Creator)
  • Jose L. Prieto (Creator)
  • R. M. Wagner (Creator)
  • Thomas Bensby (Creator)
  • I. A. Bond (Creator)
  • T. Sumi (Creator)
  • D. P. Bennett (Creator)
  • F. Abe (Creator)
  • N. Koshimoto (Creator)
  • D. Suzuki (Creator)
  • P. Tristram (Creator)
  • Grant W. Christie (Creator)
  • Tim Natusch (Creator)
  • Jennie McCormick (Creator)
  • Jennifer Yee (Creator)
  • Andy Gould (Creator)
  • K. Mukai (Creator)
  • J. Prieto (Creator)
  • F. Abe (Creator)
  • N. Koshimoto (Creator)
  • T. Natusch (Creator)
  • A. Gould (Creator)



VizieR online Data Catalogue associated with article published in journal Astronomical Journal (AAS) with title 'A detailed observational analysis of V1324 Sco, the most gamma-ray-luminous classical nova to date.' (bibcode: 2018ApJ...852..108F)
Date made available2018
PublisherStrasbourg Astronomical Data Center
  • A Detailed Observational Analysis of V1324 Sco, the Most Gamma-Ray-luminous Classical Nova to Date

    Finzell, T., Chomiuk, L., Metzger, B. D., Walter, F. M., Linford, J. D., Mukai, K., Nelson, T., Weston, J. H. S., Zheng, Y., Sokoloski, J. L., Mioduszewski, A., Rupen, M. P., Dong, S., Starrfield, S., Cheung, C. C., Woodward, C. E., Taylor, G. B., Bohlsen, T., Buil, C., Prieto, J., & 14 othersWagner, R. M., Bensby, T., Bond, I. A., Sumi, T., Bennett, D. P., Abe, F., Koshimoto, N., Suzuki, D., Tristram, P. J., Christie, G. W., Natusch, T., McCormick, J., Yee, J. & Gould, A., Jan 10 2018, In: Astrophysical Journal. 852, 2, 108.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    Open Access
    30 Scopus citations

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