He-3 and He-4 production by 800-MeV protons from C-12, Ti, and Pb at forward angles

  • D.B. Barlow (Contributor)
  • B. M K Nefkens (Contributor)
  • C. Pillai (Contributor)
  • J. W. Price (Contributor)
  • I. Slaus (Contributor)
  • Ming-Jer Wang (Contributor)
  • J.A. Wightman (Contributor)
  • K. W. Jones (Contributor)
  • M. J. Leitch (Contributor)
  • C. S. Mishra (Contributor)
  • C. L. Morris (Contributor)
  • J. C. Peng (Contributor)
  • P. K. Teng (Contributor)
  • J.M. Tinsly (Contributor)



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Date made availableJan 1 1992

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