FIGURE 3 in A New Species of Seed-harvester Ant, Pogonomyrmex hoelldobleri (Hymenoptera: Formicidae), from the Mohave and Sonoran Deserts of North America

  • Robert A. Johnson (Contributor)
  • R. P. Overson (Contributor)
  • Corrie S. Moreau (Contributor)



FIGURE 3. Bivariate plots for workers: (A) maximum eye diameter versus head width, (B) ocular index versus head width, and (C) malar ratio versus head width (n = 63 for P. magnacanthus Cole, n = 59 for P. hoelldobleri Johnson, Overson & Moreau, plus 16 PARATYPE workers of P. magnacanthus that do not belong to the latter species [see text], n = 25 for P. mohavensis Johnson). Non-type workers were selected to represent the geographic range of each species.
Date made availableMay 3 2013

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