FIGURE 11 in A New Species of Seed-harvester Ant, Pogonomyrmex hoelldobleri (Hymenoptera: Formicidae), from the Mohave and Sonoran Deserts of North America

  • Robert A. Johnson (Contributor)
  • Corrie S. Moreau (Contributor)
  • R. P. Overson (Contributor)



FIGURE 11. Geographic distribution of: (A) Pogonomyrmex magnacanthus Cole, (B) Pogonomyrmex hoelldobleri Johnson, Overson & Moreau, and (C) Pogonomyrmex mohavensis Johnson; the larger filled black circle in each panel denotes the type locality. All three maps are drawn on the same geographic area so that distribution patterns are directly comparable.
Date made availableMay 3 2013

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