FIGURE 10 in A New Species of Seed-harvester Ant, Pogonomyrmex hoelldobleri (Hymenoptera: Formicidae), from the Mohave and Sonoran Deserts of North America

  • R. P. Overson (Contributor)
  • Corrie S. Moreau (Contributor)
  • Robert A. Johnson (Contributor)



FIGURE 10. Phylogram of species in the Pogonomyrmex californicus group as inferred through Bayesian analysis for the partitioned dataset. Specimens of P. hoelldobleri are in the dashed box. Branch lengths are proportional to substitution/site as indicated by the bottom legend inset. Clade support greater than 50% is denoted on branches and in the top insert as follows: values above and below branches represent Bayesian posterior probabilities (BPP) and maximum likelihood bootstrap (ML BS), respectively, for the partitioned dataset followed by the single dataset. Clade support of "--" denotes clades not supported in an individual analysis. Numbers following each species name refer to the accession number of the series from which the individual was taken; locale data are given for each series in Table 1. Pogonomyrmex californicus, P. hoelldobleri, and P. magnacanthus occurred sympatrically at one site (designated by an *).
Date made availableMay 3 2013

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