FIGURE 1 in A new ant genus from southern Argentina and southern Chile, Patagonomyrmex (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

  • Robert A. Johnson (Contributor)
  • Corrie S. Moreau (Contributor)



FIGURE 1. Phylogram for ants in the genera Patagonomyrmex, Hylomyrma, and Pogonomyrmex as inferred through Bayesian analysis for the partitioned dataset. Specimens of the two Patagonomyrmex species are in the darker grey box and those of Pogonomyrmex in the lighter grey box. Branch lengths are proportional to substitution/site as indicated by the bottom legend. Clade support greater than 50% is denoted on branches: values above and below branches represent Bayesian posterior probabilities (BPP) and maximum likelihood bootstrap (ML BS), respectively. Missing ML BS values denote clades with less than 50% support. Locality data (country and state/province) and accession number of the series from which the individual was taken follow species names (see also Table 1).
Date made availableDec 31 2016

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