Electronic Supplementary Material from Parsing human and biophysical drivers of coral reef regimes

  • Carrie V. Kappel (Contributor)
  • Joey Lecky (Contributor)
  • Kimberly A. Selkoe (Contributor)
  • Kirsten Oleson (Contributor)
  • Larry B. Crowder (Contributor)
  • Nicholas A.J. Graham (Contributor)
  • Albert V. Norström (Contributor)
  • Jamison M. Gove (Contributor)
  • John Kittinger (Contributor)
  • Crow White (Contributor)
  • Ashley L. Erickson (Contributor)
  • Magnus Nyström (Contributor)
  • Jean Baptiste Jouffray (Contributor)
  • Ivor D. Williams (Contributor)
  • Gareth J. Williams (Contributor)
  • Alan M. Friedlander (Contributor)
  • Mary Donovan (Contributor)
  • Lisa M. Wedding (Contributor)



Electronic Supplementary Material containing Figures S1, S2, S3, S4 and S5, as well as Tables S1, S2, S3, S4 and S5.
Date made availableJan 1 2019
Publisherfigshare Academic Research System

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