“Death is a disease”: Cryopreservation, neoliberalism, and temporal commodification in the U.S.

  • Taylor R. Genovese (Contributor)



In this article, I will be focusing specifically on cryopreservation and two of the American biotechnomedical tenets introduced by Robbie Davis-Floyd and Gloria St. John in their technocratic model of medicine: the “body as machine” and “death as defeat.” These axioms are embraced by both the biotechnomedical establishment as well as the cryopreservation communities when they discuss the future of humankind. In particular, I will be focusing on the political economy of cryopreservation as an embodiment of American neoliberalism—as well as a Durkheimian death ritual—in the twenty-first century. Finally, I will theorize on a future populated by human beings from “the past” and the implications and consequences that may be caused by con- temporary humans experiencing a temporal shift from traveling in deep
time vis-à-vis cryopreservation.
Date made availableJan 1 2018
PublisherHumanities Commons

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