Data from: Descriptions of four new species of Minyomerus Horn, 1876 sec. Jansen & Franz, 2018 (Coleoptera: Curculionidae), with notes on their distribution and phylogeny



This contribution adopts the taxonomic concept approach, including the use of taxonomic concept labels (name sec. [according to] source) and region connection calculus-5 (RCC–5) articulations and alignments. Prior to this study, the broad-nosed weevil genus Minyomerus Horn, 1876 sec. Jansen & Franz, 2015 (Curculionidae [non-focal]: Entiminae [non-focal]: Tanymecini [non-focal]) contained 17 species distributed throughout the desert and plains regions of North America. In this review of Minyomerus sec. Jansen & Franz, 2018, we describe the following four species as new to science: Minyomerus ampullaceus sec. Jansen & Franz, 2018 (henceforth: [JF2018]), new species, Minyomerus franko [JF2018], new species, Minyomerus sculptilis [JF2018], new species, and Minyomerus tylotos [JF2018], new species. The four new species are added to, and integrated with, the preceding revision, and an updated key and phylogeny of Minyomerus [JF2018] are presented. A cladistic analysis using 52 morphological characters of 26 terminal taxa (5/21 outgroup/ingroup) yielded a single most-parsimonious cladogram (Length = 99 steps, consistency index = 60, retention index = 80). The analysis reaffirms the monophyly of Minyomerus [JF2018] with eight unreversed synapomorphies. The species-group placements, possible biogeographic origins, and natural history of the new species are discussed in detail.
Date made availableAug 29 2019

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