Data for: The impact of MC-ICP-MS plasma conditions on the accuracy and precision of stable isotope measurements evaluated for barium isotopes

  • Zhimian Cao (Contributor)
  • Ed Hathorne (Contributor)
  • Yang Yu (Contributor)
  • Tyler Goepfert (Contributor)
  • Christopher Siebert (Contributor)
  • Jan Fietzke (Contributor)
  • Martin Frank (Contributor)



We systematically investigate the effect of matrix on the accuracy and precision of Ba isotope measurements under different but quantified plasma conditions. A NIST SRM 3104a Ba standard solution was doped with various amounts of major matrix elements (Ca and Sr) and analysed under six different plasma conditions. The results provide an improved understanding of the matrix-induced instrumental mass fractionation and define a matrix tolerance plasma state for Ba isotope analysis. Although these experiments were performed and calibrated for Ba isotopes, they are considered to be applicable for a wide variety of isotope measurements routinely performed on MC-ICP-MS.
Date made availableMay 30 2020
PublisherMendeley Data

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