Change in metabolic rate over time from The hidden cost of sexually selected traits: the metabolic expense of maintaining a sexually selected weapon.

  • Woods H. Arthur Woods (Contributor)
  • Meghan E. Duell (Contributor)
  • Ummat Somjee (Contributor)
  • Christine W. Miller (Contributor)



Figure S2. The maximum resting metabolic rate was measured before leg loss, 1 minute after, 1 hour after and 24 hours after leg loss in a subset of males. The graph displays the metabolic rate and how this decreased after 24 hours. Resting Metabolic rate (y-axis) is body-mass corrected (i.e. least-square means of the linear regression of body mass with metabolic rate). Comparisons between pre-leg removal RMR and 24hr RMR reveal significant drop in RMR in males (GLM: Walds χ2 = 3.14, df =3,39, p = 0.035; error bars display standard errors).
Date made availableJan 1 2018
Publisherfigshare Academic Research System

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