Additional file 2 of Performance of a fully‐automated system on a WHO malaria microscopy evaluation slide set

  • Mayoore S. Jaiswal (Contributor)
  • Ken Lilley (Contributor)
  • David Bell (Contributor)
  • Mehul Dhorda (Contributor)
  • Roman Gebrehiwot (Contributor)
  • Kyaw Tun (Contributor)
  • Earl G. Long (Contributor)
  • Courosh Mehanian (Contributor)
  • Liming Hu (Contributor)
  • Bernhards Ogutu (Contributor)
  • Peter L. Chiodini (Contributor)
  • Jennifer Luchavez (Contributor)
  • Sourabh Kulhare (Contributor)
  • Stephane Proux (Contributor)
  • Samantha A. Janko (Contributor)
  • Christian Luna (Contributor)
  • Dionicia Gamboa (Contributor)
  • Charles B. Delahunt (Contributor)
  • Christine M. Bachman (Contributor)
  • Grace Yun (Contributor)
  • Ranitha Vongpromek (Contributor)
  • Wellington Oyibo (Contributor)
  • Clay M. Thompson (Contributor)
  • Benjamin K. Wilson (Contributor)
  • Jane Y. Carter (Contributor)
  • Thomas R. Burkot (Contributor)
  • Martha Mehanian (Contributor)
  • M. P. Horning (Contributor)
  • Travis Ostbye (Contributor)



Additional file 2:An example Field of View from the unreadable thin film, compared to an acceptable FoV.
Date made availableJan 1 2021
Publisherfigshare Academic Research System

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