4O9R : Human Smoothened Receptor structure in complex with cyclopamine

  • Chong Wang (Contributor)
  • Gye Won Han (Contributor)
  • Vsevolod Katritch (Contributor)
  • Vadim Cherezov (Contributor)
  • Raymond C. Stevens (Contributor)
  • Uwe Weierstall (Contributor)
  • Daniel James (Contributor)
  • Thomas A. White (Contributor)
  • Dingjie Wang (Contributor)
  • Wei Liu (Scripps Research Institute) (Contributor)
  • John C.H. Spence (Contributor)
  • R. Bruce Doak (Contributor)
  • G. Nelson (Contributor)
  • Petra Fromme (Contributor)
  • Raimund Fromme (Contributor)
  • Ingo Grotjohann (Contributor)
  • Christopher Kupitz (Contributor)
  • Nadia A. Zatsepin (Contributor)
  • Haiguang Liu (Contributor)
  • Shibom Basu (Contributor)
  • Daniel Wacker (Contributor)
  • Gye Won Han (Contributor)
  • Sébastien Boutet (Contributor)
  • Marc Messerschmidt (Contributor)
  • Garth J. Williams (Contributor)
  • J. E. Koglin (Contributor)
  • M. Marvin Seibert (Contributor)
  • Markus Klinker (Contributor)
  • Cornelius Gati (Contributor)
  • Robert L. Shoeman (Contributor)
  • Anton Barty (Contributor)
  • Henry N. Chapman (Contributor)
  • Richard Kirian (Contributor)
  • Kenneth R. Beyerlein (Contributor)
  • Dianfan Li (Contributor)
  • Syed T A Shah (Contributor)
  • Nicole Howe (Contributor)
  • Martin Caffrey (Contributor)



Experimental Technique/Method:X-RAY DIFFRACTION
Release Date:2014-03-05
Deposition Date:2014-01-02
Revision Date:2017-08-02#2018-02-14
Molecular Weight:52806.82
Macromolecule Type:Protein
Residue Count:468
Atom Site Count:3419

Lipidic cubic phase (LCP) crystallization has proven successful for high-resolution structure determination of challenging membrane proteins. Here we present a technique for extruding gel-like LCP with embedded membrane protein microcrystals, providing a continuously renewed source of material for serial femtosecond crystallography. Data collected from sub-10-μm-sized crystals produced with less than 0.5 mg of purified protein yield structural insights regarding cyclopamine binding to the Smoothened receptor.
Date made available2014

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